12 Days of Christmas, Hanukah, or anything you celebrate.

Here is the full list of this celebratory sale of different items from the CoreWalking vault for an exceedingly low prices.

Here at the CoreWalking Program we want you to celebrate an active life, free from pain; we believe that is possible for most people.

For those with congenital and degenerative conditions we want you to celebrate the support you can develop with basic changes to the way you move, stand and exercise.

Aging gracefully can be more than a trite phrase.

The Offers

CoreWalking: First Steps To A New You

eBook ($7)

Strengthen Your Hamstrings

eBook ($7)

CoreWalking: The Posture Lesson

Video ($10)

The New Psoas Release Party!

eBook ($10)

Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome

eBook ($10)

Introduction to the Spine

eBook ($10)

Video Walking Analysis

Send Us A Video of Your Walk ($17)

Psoas Release Party!

Streaming Video ($27)

CoreWalking Program

Streaming Video ($37)

BodyMind Membership Program

Yearly Membershop ($297)

CoreWalking Anatomy Program

6 Lesson Video Course ($97)

Private Lesson w/ Jonathan

Online via Zoom ($50)

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