Lotus on a Bosu Ball

Here is another short Bosu Ball video. Trying and eventually get into lotus on the Bosu Ball wasn’t all that difficult but some good fun.  Balance, balance, balance. In my endless quest to control the uncontrollable—I refer to ageing— a finer sense of balance is something well worth cultivating.

You can’t imagine how many people I work with who report that they have terrible balance. We can get better at almost everything we try. Some things more easily and naturally than others but there is some measure of improvement available to us all.

In class the other day, in the course of one of my” you need to be bad before you can be good raps”, I said that the world is littered with geniuses who failed to actualize because they weren’t willing to be bad at something before they got good.

I can feel a desire to digress and report on my year-long failure to learn the guitar but I won’t.

Balance can be worked on and developed. I have seen it in so many of my clients and in myself as well. But in the immortal words of someone—you have to start somewhere. And the Bosu Ball is a good place to start.

Here is someone else take on the same idea:

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”
― Mark Twain

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