Flat Feet Treatment in Brooklyn and Marine Park, NY

box logoFlat Feet Treatment: Causes and treatment of flat feet

Often, I spend too much time taking a gander at my own feet just as much as other people’s feet to see whether the shape of my feet is different from others or not and yes, it is, though slightly. Recently, I have noticed that I have flat feet or fallen arches, a common condition that makes reference to a change in the shape of feet where the feet does not have the curved shape of an arch while standing on the ground. But neither is it causing any pain nor walking problems, so should I go for flat feet treatment? We at CoreWalking, a health care provider based in New York will suggest you not to go for flat feet treatment if you are not experiencing any of these. But, by any chance if you start having sudden pain or walking problems, then do contact us on that particular day at 855-233-9255. Our professional team members who specialize in knee hyperextension treatment look forward to help you get out of pain one simple step at a time. However, before we can proceed further with flat feet treatment let us first discuss here with you about how people develop flat feet…

4 causes of flat feet-

  1. Excessive foot stress
  2. Wearing uncomfortable shoes that do not provide proper arch support.
  3. Foot injuries, like- ankle sprains or broken bones in your feet.
  4. Standing or walking at formal events for longer periods of time, especially in high-heeled or dress shoes.

You can treat flat feet by 2 ways as given below (non-surgical treatments)-

  1. If you are hugely obese, then you need to lose weight. You may be referred to a physiotherapist, who can recommend you to try out a few exercises.
  2. By wearing comfortable and supportive shoes with insoles or orthotics for additional support to the arch and help stabilize the heel, you change the way you walk.

If none of above treatments works for you, then going for surgery is the only option left to relieve the pain. Surgery does improve pain and foot function for people who require it but on the other hand, affects the feet for a long period of time. If you experience constant pain in your feet and require guidance through your treatment process or have any doubts or questions to ask, then do not hesitate to contact us. You can full rely on our assistance and skills in this field.