Flat Feet Treatment in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Flatbush, NY

Flat Feet Treatment Options For Children – Find The Best Flat Foot Treatment Procedures In New York

Although almost all babies are born with flat feet, also known as pronated foot, but sometimes this condition doesn’t disappear as it normally should after a period of time. When children don’t outgrow flat foot naturally, it might become a concerning health issue.

Let’s begin by taking a look at what types of flat foot there and which are their characteristics:

  • Flexible flatfoot: This is also called flexible or hypermobile flatfoot and it is a common condition amogst children. The interesting fact regarding flexible flatfoot is that it is not painful, causes no disability and does not need any treatment.
  • Flexible flatfoot with a short Achilles tendon: It is a condition which affects both feet but it has a rare frequency of occurrence in young children. At the same time, it is often painful and it also has the possibility of causing disability.
  • Rigid flatfoot: It is the least common type and affects the bones in the person’s feet. This is a condition also known as tarsal coalition and it’s usually painful. Even more, it can cause disability to about one in four people who suffer from this condition.

Finding the proper flat feet treatments for your child:

The most important thing to understand here is if your child doesn’t experience any symptoms of pain or disability, then treatment is not necessarily required. If the child has flexible flatfoot then you shouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s very likely that this situation will disappear after a period of time.

On the other hand, if pain is involved or the child has movement difficulties, you should be looking for arch-support running shoes and more simple ways of taking care of this situation. For a little more complicated conditions, such as flexible flatfoot with a short Achilles tendon or if a knee Hyperextension Treatment is needed, it’s best to talk to a professional so that the treatment can be suitably designed for the child.

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