ideal resting length

Ideal Resting Length of Muscles

The book Human Movement Potential by Lulu Sweigard has had an outsized influence on the work I do. I wouldn’t call it a breezy read- I am embarrassed to say how many times I have …

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Muscle Balance and Long Term Fitness

It has taken professional athletes a long time to come around to the concepts of yoga and the benefits of muscle balance and deep core work. As an article from yesterday’s New York Times  suggests, …

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Grasping at straws.

No matter how many times I draw the bones of the hands and feet I get dizzy in the process.  It’s a little like descending a circular stairway hanging in the sky, on the side …

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Sleep positions can exacerbate lower back pain.

Sleep Positions and Lower Back Pain

Regular readers might have noticed by now that I am fairly obsessed with sleep positions. I am also pretty obsessed with lower back pain — the two are intimately connected. In addition, I love asking …

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The Books On My Shelf

My children are very lucky. Their parents love what they do for a living. The same couldn’t be said about my parents. My wife Caitlin, who is a childbirth educator and post partum doula, and …

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Core Walking Website

Six years ago, while driving in a car with my brother, I announced that I was going to teach people how to walk. I didn’t know much about walking but I knew a lot about …

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