Cara Black Volley Practice

I put this video up on my facebook page the other day as a stunning display of skills. Watching it over and over again it is also a stunning display of alignment. As a walking …

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Sunday Morning Music: Syd Arthur

I have been living this record from the band Syd Arthur of late. Here is a description from thier website. They put it better than I can: Syd Arthur, a quartet of Canterbury-based devotees of …

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Running Barefoot At Karate School

Running correctly is an excellent way to instill good movement patterns. Having watched the video above numerous times, I wouldn’t call these kids good runners.  A couple of them are plum goofy. But they all …

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The Transverse Arch Of The Foot

      The human foot has three arches—an inner arch, an outer arch and a transverse arch that spans the foot from side to side.  The transverse arch is made up of the cuboid …

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Walk Barefoot With Abandon

It boggles my mind that I have met numerous people, including my wife, that have been told by doctors never to walk barefoot again. I’ve seen this directive offered in the case of both flat …

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