Healing My Back Injury

Healing my back injury has been a trip. I fell two weeks ago yesterday and today is the first day that I feel fully (98%) back to normal. I am not at all averse to …

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Chimpanzee Feet vs. Human Feet

Chimpanzee feet are amazing to explore if you are interested in how humans walk, and two recent studies have shed interesting new light on our similarities and differences depending on how you interpret them. As I mentioned …

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psoas release

Psoas Release Work Is Magical

Psoas release work can provide a great deal of relief to people suffering back, hip, groin, and other types of pain. The goal of a psoas release is to create an environment where the psoas …

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Sunday Morning Music: Macklemore

Macklemore has found a place in my heart. WABC on the AM dial was my childhood radio station. 92.3 FM serves the same role for my children—we aren’t in the car for a minute before …

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