Where The Thoracic And Lumbar Spine Meet

The thoracic and lumbar spine connect at one of the more important locations in the body. The thoracolumbar junction is the place where the bottom thoracic vertebra (T12) meets the top lumbar vertebrae (L1). This …

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lumbar curve of the spine

The Lumbar Curve of the Spine

The lumbar curve is a uniquely human feature. If you think of dogs, cats, horses, or any four legged animal they don’t have a curve in the lumbar (lower) spine. When we came up to …

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Weekend Mashup: January 25th

The Weekend Mashup for Janurary 25th: A collection of interesting articles from the past week that didn’t warrant a post of their own. These guys are just nuts. Watching this hurts my testicles and I’m …

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