Trouble With The Trapezius Muscle

A great many people overuse the trapezius muscle, the large diamond shaped muscle of the upper back. The trapezius muscle is usually separated into three sections—lower, middle and upper—with different functions. The upper trapezius muscle …

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t rex

Sunday Morning Music: T Rex

I grew up with Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. I have some incredibly vivid and formative images of late night rock n roll still swimming around up there in my brain. I just finished the Bolan/Bowie …

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deep neck flexor muscles

A Couple of Deep Neck Flexor Muscles

           The deep neck flexor muscles of today’s post are: Longus Capitus- which connects to the spine through four tendinous slips off of the transverse processes of the third through sixth …

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51 Years Young

Another year has passed and life remains beautiful. Turning fifty felt somewhat momentous while today is just another day in a string of some very sweet days. My son’s birthday is three days before mine …

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