martin carr

Sunday Morning Music: Martin Carr

I worship many gods and most of them play the guitar. Martin Carr is one of those I worship.  In the 90’s, before they broke up, the Boo Radley’s (Carr’s first band) were one of …

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Weekend Mashup: November 29th

Here are some links to interesting articles from the past week that didn’t make it into the blog:   We’ll start with an astounding video. These guys blow my mind. My Brother-in-law pointed out they …

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The Muscles of the Pelvic Belt

There are a number of muscles that are connected to and basically wrap around the pelvis that I will refer to as the pelvic belt. The pelvis is the center of the body. From it …

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walking and the diaphragm

The Role of the Psoas in Walking

You would be hard pressed to find someone to tell you that walking isn’t good exercise. There aren’t many givens in our world but this is one of them—walking is good for you. What is …

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Sunday Morning Music: Natural Child

Here is a tune from my latest favorite record from Natural Child. Growing up in Brooklyn, for whatever reason, I was always into southern rock and country. My brother had a friend who wore a …

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