Weekend Mashup: February 28th

Here is the weekend mashup, a collection of links of articles from the last week or two that didn’t make it into blog posts. I realized that I tend to put up a lot of …

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walking on ice

Walking On Ice: The Penguin Walk

Walking on ice is fierce. While I actually appreciate the extremity of the cold this winter, I feel for the older people in my building who seem consigned to the indoors for the season. Walking …

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joanna lindenbaum

An Interview WIth Joanna Lindenbaum

Today’s replay of last years Be Your Own Healer interviews  finds me talking to Joanna Lindenbaum, the creator of Soulful Coaching for Busy Women. Joanna is on a mission is to encourage entrepreneurs to have …

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peroneal muscles

The Muscle Formerly Known As Peroneal

The fibularis muscles, formerly known as the peroneal muscles, are of particular interest to me as they tend to be a huge issue with so many posture and pain problems. The word peroneal derives from …

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A Tiny Arch In The Lower Back

As a yoga teacher I repeat myself endlessly. For months at a time an instruction will get in my head and I’ll repeat it ad nauseum. Some of these instructions have lasted for longer periods …

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Old Injuries Do Not Go Away

Working to diagnose current injuries is often about uncovering old injuries that led to the immediate issue. And it is amazing how often a present situation directly relates to a forgotten about injury or accident. …

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aimee gould shunney

An Interview With Aimee Gould Shunney

In today’s replay of last years Be Your Own Healer interviews I talk with my friend Aimee Gould Shunney, a Naturopathic Doctor. who offers a full range of clinical support and specializes in women’s health. …

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