chronic pain and sleep deprivation

Chronic Pain And Sleep Deprivation

Time and time again, I go to see clients and am greeted by eyes rimmed with exhaustion, and clearly in need of rest. Chronic pain and sleep deprivation have an insidious relationship. Pain invariably interrupts …

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Lotus on a Bosu Ball

Here is another short Bosu Ball video. Trying and eventually get into lotus on the Bosu Ball wasn’t all that difficult but some good fun.  Balance, balance, balance. In my endless quest to control the …

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Back On The Bosu

If you watch the video above you will learn about the untimely death of my last Bosu Balance Trainer. We are not exactly sure what happened. I blame my children and my wife blames the …

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Time To Drive At Nine And Three

A while back I wrote about driving tips for sciatica and piriformis syndrome which included the instruction to drive with the hands placed on the wheel at ten o’clock and two o’clock. Driving with the hands in …

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Flip Flops Are Evil, Part 100

  Every spring I write a diatribe against flip flops and their inherent evil. Japanese in origin, I often wonder if they were the last offensive of WWII, meant to destroy the feet of their …

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What’s up with Hanging Down?

Writing about hating exercise the other day, I mentioned how I hang from the pull-up bar in my office a couple of times a day. Usually this hanging is in between trips in and out …

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