what's wrong with you

What’s Wrong With You?

Do you know what’s wrong with you? If a doctor tells you that you suffer from spinal stenosis do you run home and google spinal stenosis? It is shocking just how many people I meet …

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Sunday Morning Music: The Growlers

The Growlers are a California band that fall into the surf rock category. This song is from their 2013 album Hung At Heart. I’ve just started listening to their newer record Chinese Fountain. Have a …

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inner foot

Inner Foot To Opposite Shoulder

Every step well taken is a spinal twist as both sides of the body move in opposition to each other. When the right foot goes forward the left arm goes forward and this opposition creates …

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Go Barefoot on the Bosu

Gym culture is all about sneakers and the Bosu balance trainer is all about gyms. Anyone who buys a Bosu for their house first saw it at the gym. I have watched plenty of Bosu …

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Sunday Morning Music: Midlake

This record was a YouTube find for me. I never got into Midlake all that much but YouTube offered it up to me one morning and I took the bait. I have pretty much listened …

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Egg Shells In My Coffee

Many years ago, reading a Ross Thomas novel (if you have never heard of him and like crime fiction go read Chinamen’s Chance) a character mentioned dropping egg shells into brewing coffee. Sometime later I mentioned …

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Calves The Size Of Cantaloupes

Tight calves don’t get the respect that they deserve. Yoga teachers and exercise instructors of all stripes tend to be hamstring-centric, to the detriment of calves that usually need some serious stretching. When teaching stretches …

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