Practicing What I Preach

Practicing what I preach is a goal I have when it comes to my children. I want to lead by example to the best of my ability. And I realize that I need to do …

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Kicking The Sugar Habit

Withdrawal is a bitch. I am trying once again to limit my sugar intake. I have done my share of detoxing over the years and I think sugar is among the worst. Getting it out …

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Brain Games

My education comes in many forms and I should probably be embarrassed by how much I have learned from television shows. But watching a show on Netflix called Brain Games recently I had a revelation …

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wrist pain

About That Wrist Pain

My past history of knee pain is fairly well documented here on the blog. Two years after beginning a regular ashtanga yoga practice in the 1990’s my knees started to fail on me.  Three knee …

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Bell’s Palsy Year Five

I was sorta/kinda happy to note that my fifth anniversary of getting Bell’s palsy came and went without notice. For someone who notoriously pays little attention to days and dates I have remained hyper aware …

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What Is The Fibula?

The fibula is a long, thin bone on the outer half of the lower leg. It is situated next to the much larger tibia, or shin bone. The tibia is both slightly longer and quite …

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