Understanding the IT Band

via GIPHY The title of this post, Understanding the IT Band, and the gif above come from a new article in the Harvard Gazette with a subtitle: New Findings Suggest Hope for Preventing Common Running …

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Sunday Morning Musical: Hair

I grew up on this record and it was an eye opening experience for a young boy to go to the theater and see actors take their clothes off. The record still resonates for me …

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check your feet

Yoga Students: Check Your Feet

Life is habit. I used to think that students came to yoga to change their habits but over time I realized that most students in yoga, and people in general, proceed through life reinforcing their …

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happy baby pose

The End Of Happy Baby Pose?

If you are loose jointed like me it can be hard to relate to relate to those who are not. And if you are a loose jointed yoga teacher like me it can be easy …

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sleeping with pillows

Sleeping With Pillows

Sleeping makes me crazy. Slumber and I don’t really get along-I think about it too much and never get enough of it. My shoulders hate it, waking up each morning in a state of distress. …

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hole in my shoe

A Hole In My Shoe

A hole in my shoe appears after about a year of owning any pair of sneakers. Every time I go to see a rolfer, which is usually once or twice a year, the initial assessment …

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