Correct Walking is a Core Event

Correct Walking is a core event. The core refers to three main muscle groups: The inner thighs, the pelvic floor and the abdominals. The psoas (our favorite muscle) is the main engine of walking and …

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My Dog Fanny

My life among dogs began in childhood with the family dog Opie. The first dog I got on my own was Ingemar, named for the boy in Lasse Halstrom’s My Life As A Dog. Rupert …

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It’s A Question Of Perception

Perception is the organization, identification and interpretation of the information that is constantly bombarding our brain. We create a sensual picture of our world and selves through seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and feeling. But are …

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Quadratus Lumborum Stretch

The picture above depicts a quadratus lumborum stretch that attempts to isolate this lower back muscle (though muscles don’t really work in isolation). The quadratus lumborum attaches the pelvis to the rib cage and the …

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The Piriformis muscle

The piriformis muscle is categorized as one of six deep lateral rotators of the hip and is one of only three muscles that connect the legs to the spine. If you know of your piriformis …

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The Pull of a Tight Psoas Muscle

Have you heard of the psoas muscle? It is pronounced s0-az. The P is silent. The psoas is one of the body’s most essential muscles because, along with only two other muscles, it connects the upper …

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