A Right Angle

Your shin and foot should create a right angle when you are standing and in what is called the midstance of walking.  Only in this way can weight be transferred successfully from the upper body through the foot and vice versa.

Unfortunately, too many of us tend to hyperextend our knees while standing and walking.  Hyperextension in the knee – a straightening movement which pushes the joint beyond its natural range – creates an obtuse angle where the shin meets the foot, resulting in limited ability to transfer weight.

The weight of the body must be borne above the foot not behind the foot.  For the foot to work efficiently, weight must be transferred correctly from the shin so that the arches are free to do their work springing you through to your next step.

Successful weight transfer is necessary for the arch to form and reform with each step we take.  The shin bears down on the foot in a straight line allowing the arch to release and then rebound.  The shin then moves forward, taking us from the midstance to our next step.


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