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Today's Episode:

The Feet

What's the first thing you think about when you think of walking? For many of us it is the feet. In this episode, we explore the feet and their myriad bones, muscles, and connective tissue and how to best care for your feet to keep them pain-free and healthy into your golden years.

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

•  How the feet works with the rest of the body to walk

•  Foot problems like heel spurs (plantar fasciatis, bunyons, flat feet, Morton's neuroma)

•  The anatomy of the foot, and ankle, the miraculous arches and the muscles that bring them together

•  How bad positioning of the feet when walking can lead to knee, hip, neck and other issues

•  Walking with shoes versus walking barefoot

•  How to care for your feet (exercises for strength and release)

• How to run correctly

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"And calcifications form to fill in that pocket and the calcium that fills in that pocket is the spur..."

"Conventional wisdom says that if you have flat feet, you have flat feet for life..."

The transverse arch is one muscle as well and that is the fibularis longus..."

"What does it mean when you say that trauma lives in the body?"

"The ankle is a true hinge joint..."

"I've been to a doctor recently and I'm probably going to need knee surgery..."

"So the interesting thing when they talk about neuroma is they say it's one of the thing that cannot be fixed..."

"Shoes are bad for you, and I love shoes..."

"It is all about weight transfer, if you run correctly..."

"Our feet probably aren't muscled enough and I have gone to some of your yoga classes and done Toega..."

Show Notes...

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