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Today's Episode:

Sacrum: Spine or Pelvis?

A set of bones that fuses during the first few years of life, the sacrum
is an essential building block of the skeleton. In this episode, we
discuss the functions of the sacrum as a stabilizer and
its relationship to the spine and to the pelvic bowl. 

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

•  What and where is the sacrum

•  The sacrum and its relation to the curves of the spine

•  Jonathan's four favorite joints and how they support the entire body

•  The shoulder girdle and its relation to the sacrum

•  Effects of a tight piriformis and a tight psoas

•  Backbends in yoga and how they affect the sacrum

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"It's supercool because the sacrum is part of the pelvis and the sacrum is the bottom of the spine..."

"So the stable sacrum is like an anchor to the spine..."

"The sweet spot is having a neutral pelvis. Everything good happens from a neutral pelvis..."

"We ambulate with our legs directly under our pelvis and our pelvis needs to be super solid..."

"The movement of the sacrum should involved with the pulse of the body..."

"The energy does not flow through the spine when we are load-bearing poorly at L5-S1..."

"Because it's my belief that no one is strong enough in their psine for assorted different reaons..."

Show Notes...

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