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Today's Episode:

People Can't Breathe

The spot in the spine where the ribcage meets the lower back is

one of the more important joints in the body. Muscles essential to

good physical functioning such as the psoas, latissimus dorsi,

trapezius, diaphragm,  connect to and through T12/L1, 

the thoracolumbar junction, the focus of today's episode.

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

•  What and where is the thoracolumbar junction

•  The relationship of the spinal muscles and the abdominal muscles

•  The effect of tight muscles at the thoracolumbar on our breathing

•  Exercises to strengthen, loosen and release the thoracolumbar junction and how it helps us get a fuller breath

•  What Corewalking can do to help you with work with your thoracolumbar to optimize its functioning

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"Our bodies are happy to take on any habit and pattern..."

"The function of the rectus abdominis is to draw the ribcage down toward the pelvis and the pelvis toward the ribcage..."

"Your neck muscles are tertiary muscles of breathing, like when you're running a marathon or doing ashtanga yoga..."

The whole body is connected so we can draw a line from the big toe to the big toe again...

"I said 'look it's all yoga; it's 5,000 years old, everything is yoga.' So my yoga is a little different..."

Show Notes...

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Who We Talked About:


Erector Spinae


T12/ L1


Hip replacement

Hip replacement


The transverse abdominis muscle provides essential stability to the spine whe engaged correctly

Transverse Abdominis


Tibia/ Fibula

New You/ Old You



Four Important Joints

Foot On A Block

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