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Today's Episode:

Episode 9: Muscles Do What?

Function follows form when we are looking at the different types of muscles within the body. If asked to imagine a muscle the mind’s eye usually conjures up something that looks something like a tube that is thick
in the middle and tapers on either end. But the body contains numerous
kinds of muscles with different shapes and functional capabilities.

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• The shapes and forms of different muscles

• How the form of a muscle is based on its function in the body

Why we should aim to develop long, pliable muscles rather than trying to build hard muscle

• How subtle changes in exercises can target different muscles

• Tips and tricks to avoid injury when performing daily tasks like cooking

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"Our muscles are the movers of the body and that is as important as it gets."

"if tibialis posterior was a fusiform muscle like tibialis anterior, there is no way it would be strong enough to do the work of lifting that inner arch."

"Hard muscle is bad, that's one thing. We want soft pliable muscle."

"Every time we stand poorly, we are compressing the those back muscles and lengthening those front muscles..."

"The way we build muscle is through something called tear and repair."

"When we don't move, we are putting ourselves in a precarious, dangerous situation."

Show Notes...

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