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Today's Episode:

Episode 10: The Quadratus Lumborum

The quadratus lumborum muscles lie deep on either side of the spine in the back body and are responsible for holding up the spine. When the muscle
on one side gets tight, all kinds of issues can arise. In this episode,
Alex and Jonathan explore the QL, its effects on posture and its
responsibility for many of the instabilities in the body that result in
chronic pain. They go on to discuss ways to free up your tight
quadratus lumborum and to help restore some balance in the body.

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• Where is the quadratus lumborum and what is its role in the body?

• How do you know if your quadratus lumborum is tight?

What is the relationship of the QL to other muscles in the pelvic bowl?

• The issues with having a dominant side due to being right- or left-handed

• The issues a tight quadratus lumborum can bring about in everyday activities

• The effects of a tight QL on the gluteal muscles

• QL tightness relief exercises

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"The quadratus lumborum is a quadrate muscle, it's a square muscle..."

"Well, don't forget: psoas, psoas, psoas. It's all about the psoas."

"I think you have to fix front to back in order to fix left to right."

"There was an intense amount of instability in the gait and my usual stuff was not working..."

"She wasn't even in a ton of pain, she just wanted to check out what I was on about."

Show Notes...

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