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Today's Episode:

Episode 13: What Shoes
Should I Wear Today?
(Part 2)

Jonathan loves to talk about how much he loves shoes. That being said,
he also loves to talk about how shoes are bad for you. The question is:

are all shoes bad for you? Are there some shoes that are better than others? As we cannot really live without shoes in our today's world, Alex and Jonathan explore ways in which to avoid destroying your feet with modern shoes.

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• Jonathan's shoe closet and his passion for shoes

• Why shoes are ultimately bad for your feet

• What shoes are best if you have to wear shoes

Barefoot running, barefoot shoes and traditional running shoes

• Foot care tips for avoiding common foot problems and issues

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"I mean, aesthetically, I totally buy shoes because I like the way they look. I don't have a pair of shoes that I think is ugly..."

"So I've explored shoes a lot. And when I started running more seriously and what I now know is poorly in terms of posture, I got some Nike shoes with a chip in them..."


"At the end of day, he said it's not like my feet don't hurt and I said look my feet feel sore too but you know what else feels sore? My entire leg."

"Switching to the forefoot, really took care of all that even though it blew out my calves for the first six weeks when I switched, but why I mentioning this is I was running in a traditional running show that immediately did not feel right..."

"Then you can go to Yao Ming, the basketball player... His career ended because his feet were broken. One reason was because at 7'3", the arches can't support 7'3" and 300 pounds..."

Show Notes...

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Dr. Nicholas Romanov

Nicholas Romanov is a Russian biomechanist and holds a doctorate in physical education.  He specializes in track and field and is the developer of the Pose Method. 

Books of Interest:


The Pose Method


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