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Today's Episode:

Episode 14: Anxiety

 Social anxiety is the fear of situations that involve interaction with
other people. It often revolves around the fear of being negatively judged
and evaluated by others. Talk of social anxiety seems to be
everywhere  these days so we thought we would add our two cents..

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• Jonathan's social anxiety

• Methods and tips for ​dealing with social anxiety

• Social anxiety and its relationship to the sympathetic nervous system

• Physical cues that can signal anxiety

• Chronic pain, anxiety, and what exercise can do for those conditions

• Whether Corewalking can be an effective method in relieving anxiety

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"​...I have constant anxiety... I mean I don't think it's at a high level or one that can be categorized as a psychological dysfunction or anything... "

"​I am obviously sooo far from alone in having these feelings of anxiety so what's the point of this podcast except to say things that resonate with people..."


"​The interesting thing is, if I had an understanding of it at 16, 20, or 25, I would've been able to do something about it in a different way..."

"​And I say 'here's the thing: when I'm with one person, I am really happy because I can talk to one person, but when I'm in a group, I just can't do it.'"

"​All I want to do is get heavy, deep and real within two minutes of meeting people..."​

"Never seen it before: the minute he put his legs into their sockets, his whole body started quaking..."

"You know, if you go to physical therapy, they always watch you walk..."

Show Notes...

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​Khalid's ​Tweet about social anxiety (our mistake on attributing ​said Tweet to Marv the Rapper)


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