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Today's Episode:

Episode 15: How Do You Sleep?

 You need  sleep to heal from chronic pain but chronic pain
prevents you from sleeping. What a conundrum!

Sleep is more important than most people give it credit for.
We live in a world where many people are prized​
for their ability to go without sleep. Don't buy into it.
We need to sleep and we need to sleep a lot.

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• ​​​​How sleep helps the body heal and repair ​and ​the effect chronic pain has on this magic power

• ​The ​most beneficial position for sleeping 

• ​Ideal (and much less ​so) conditions for going to sleep

• ​How much sleep do we need and is age a factor in the amount of sleep we require?

• ​Exercise and its effects on sleeping

• ​Accessories and methods that aid in getting a good night's sleep

• Sleep disturbances​ ​and sleeping and peeing

• Short- and long-term effects of sleep deficit

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​"​So in three months of running I feel like I've gotten my metabolism up that extra little bit ​and I'm not gaining weight anymore, I might even be losing weight..."

"​​​Sometimes it just comes down to: we have to start by getting you an extra half-hour to an hour of sleep a night. If we can just do that, that is a gateway to healing."


"​The​re are people for who nothing seems to be working and I say 'what position d you sleep in?' And hey lay down on their stomach and I say: 'Look you're done.'"

"​There is a concept that we need less sleep as we get older and that is totally not true. We need just as much sleep in our 60s, 70s and 80s..."

"​All I want to do is get heavy, deep and real within two minutes of meeting people..."​

"​Everyone should have a dog. Because if you have a dog, you have to walk that dog before you go to sleep."

"​I sleep with an eye mask for the last thirty years and it's not that I can't sleep without it; it's just that I choose to sleep with it, it's comforting and it makes the world dark. And darkness helps sleep."

"She goes 'crickets: can't fall asleep without'em. Eleven minutes I'm asleep.'"

"People are given pills to sleep. And sleeping pills do not help you sleep. Sleeping pills knock you out but they do not give you the rest you need."

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