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Today's Episode:

Episode 16: Baby Development  

There are all sorts of developmental milestones we are supposed
to move ​through when we are born. 

Well meaning parenting often gets in the way of those goals. 

These milestones are meant to unlock the endless potential
of the human nervous system and body.

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• ​​​​​Developmental milestones in a baby's first 18 months

​• ​Crawling and scooting

​• Helping your children to stand and walk

​• Baby exercise

​• Car seats, Exersaucers, bumbo seats, Jumparoos and the like and their effect on baby's development

​• Sleep and babies

​• Diapers and elimination

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​"​​Everybody loves babies; they're cute and sweet and they smell good."

"​​​​One of the first movements we have developmentally is being on your belly and lifting your head up."


"​​We knew we were supposed to be putting our baby on her belly and we put her on her belly and she screamed and cried so we took her off her belly.'"

"​When was the last time you walked around with your hands up like the police were after you?"

"​Strollers are bad. That doesn't mean I didn't own two different strollers, but strollers aren't as good as they could be..."​

"​​You can't teach them how to walk, that's the coolest thing. It's my first question at a workshop is 'who taught you how to walk?'"

"​If the baby is in the bed with you and the baby gets hungry, the baby will find he nipple on his own. Babies are smart."

"Pre-Pampers, when you had to clean ​and wash your own diapers, there was an incentive to get children out of diapers."

Show Notes...

Blog Posts:

People We Mentioned:

Michel Odent

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Genny Kapular

​Magda Gerber​​​

Ina May Gaskin (I didn't mention her but she is worth looking into)


The Hip

The Head


Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen discussing Basic Neurocellular Patterns.

Modern Dancers Let a Baby Lead the Choreography

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