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Today's Episode:

Episode 18: ​Sitting-The New Smoking

​Our modern lifestyle forces us to sit at every corner of our world.
And who doesn't love sitting? Jonathan and Alex talk about
the dangers of excessive sedentarism, ways in which
to modify our ​routines to avoid sitting too much and ​
how to sit in the best possible way to serve our bodies.

Listen to ​​​​​Episode 18

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

​• Chair Yoga

​• Our Modern Sedentary Lifestyle

​• Types of Chairs (and which chairs are less "harmful" to our health)

​• Tips and Tricks to To Get Around Mandatory Sitting

​• Illnesses Stemming from Excessive Sitting

​• Why Movement Is Necessary to Maintain a Healthy Body

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Wood Beaded Seat Cover

Baker's cyst


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