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Today's Episode:

Episode 19 

​​The Hip Socket: Finding Neutral

All good things come from finding a neutral alignment of the pelvis
by screwing the top of the femur head into the hip socket. However,
many of us ​have some kind of external rotation in the upper leg
and are rarely able to find that neutral position of the thigh bone.
Luckily, there is hope for all of us with ​external rotation!

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In this Podcast...

We discuss:

​• ​The anatomy of the hip and the importance of the proper alignment of the femur head

​• ​The effect of external rotation of the femur on muscles surrounding the hips

​• ​The vital importance of muscle tone and balance for joint health

​• ​Hip replacement surgery: the good, the bad and how to avoid as long as possible

​• ​Tight hips versus open hips: who wins?

​• ​The pros and cons of stretching for muscle mass

• Exercises that look for neutral in the pelvis and hip sockets

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​"For the last six months, my main focus has been ​saying to people: "look, if you put your femur head correctly into the hip socket, all good times come from that..."

"When we walk, the pelvis is doing this amazing thing which is it is tilting and rotating with every successful step we take. I don't think that's happening in most people's walk."

"The world tells people to tuck their pelvises, I tell people to stick their butt out. The difference is tucking your pelvis forces your femur heads into external rotation..."

"Tonicity is different for everybody an I've been trying to build tone in my muscles. And it is not easy."

"I see a lot of people who I can't understand why I can't help them and it

ll take three or four session before they say: "You know, I wore braces on my feet as a kid." And that's all they gotta say...

"Well, there's one pose that does it better than any: bridge with a block between the thighs."

"What if you're 80 and you're not able to do wall sits or get on the floor? I'll have sit on a chair with a block between your thighs."

Show Notes...

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