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Today's Episode:

Episode 22 

Why Do My Knees Hurt?

Jonathan and Alex have both suffered from knee pain and
undergone surgeries to repair knees abused by bad everyday posture
and poor alignment while playing sports. While surgery can sometimes be the most viable option, exploring other options, such as strengthening muscles that support the knee joint, prior to committing to going
under the knife is essential. Today we look at ways to maintain
knee joint health, alleviate lingering pain the knee and rebuild your knee properly after surgical intervention. We also kid around a bit.

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In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• The anatomical highway interchange that is the knees

• What to take into account when considering serious knee surgery

• The muscles that provide support for the knee joint and exercises to give them balanced tone

• The importance of posture (of course) in keeping the knees healthy

• The rotational capability of the knees and why it is important to the health of the joint

• The kinds of injuries that can occur in the knees

• Exercises that can relieve knee pain and make your knee "stronger"

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"The knee is the largest joint in the body and likely the most complicated joint. The knee is the joint between two bones: the femur and the tibia."

"So the knee is a hinge joint but it has rotational capability and a lot of that comes from the popliteus which is part of the rotational ability of the knee and that's one of the things that makes the knee super complicated..."

"If you're walking down the street bow-legged, or standing bow-legged, think about what you're doing to the meniscii which sit between the femur and the tibia and allow for the rotation."

"The first injury set up the second one. The first injury did not... It healed but you didn't heal it correctly if I had to guess. So that it healed with imbalance due to you compensatory patterns..."

"When you're thinking about the knee joint, every 10 pounds of weight is 30 pounds of pressure. Just think about that! Posture, weight, and exercise... inner thighs!"

"Have you had people who have come to you that have rebuilt their gluteus medius and managed to some extent, to get out of pain. Because obviously it's to an extent."

"But there is also opening the back body. The goal of almost everyone I work with is how do you reduce the tightness in the posterior chain and in opening the back body, you can access the front body. If you can't access the front body, you can't access the vore and if you can't access the core, your knees are going to suffer.

"'I'm trying to teach people as a simple exercise: calf raises, heel lifts.'

'Keep your ankle bones connected...'

'That's right. Track the feet, track the feet. From behind, you should see the heels go up together.'"

Show Notes...

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