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Today's Episode:

Episode 23

The Ankle Hinge

The bottom of the two shin bones, tibia and fibula encase the top and side of the talus bone to form the ankle joint. The ankle is a mortise and tenon type of joint which limits the movement of the ankle to a strict hinge as opposed to the knee which has more give. Movement takes place within the 26 bones of the foot.

Foot care is all important because people don’t grow old without good feet. Keep your feet in decent shape and you are much more likely to keep the rest of your body working longer. 

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In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• The set-up of the hinge joint of the ankle
• Does the ankle rotate?
• Muscles involved in moving the ankle — and the importance of their tone
• The importance of swelling and compression in healing injuries
• Tracking, bodywork, calf raises and exercises for ankle protection and stability
• Core, core, core — even for ankle strength
• Ankle replacement, ankle fusion, and other ankle surgeries

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Show Notes...

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Ankles and Toes

Calf Raises

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Jathara Parivartanasana

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