A Trio of Releases


Yesterdays post was about a release, Cactus on the Back. Today I’ll suggest three releases that you can do together to great effect. All of the releases that I work with can be done individually or as a group but some go particularly well together.

My main go-to release is Constructive Rest Position (CRP). It is a gravitational release of the psoas and a pose that anyone can get benefit from. But sometimes the psoas doesn’t want to let go. There are many people that I have suggested CRP to only for it to be completely benign. I came to realize that in some instances our quadriceps muscle is so out of whack and balance that they need some releasing in order to get to the psoas.

That’s where Block Lunges come in. Block Lunges are a different kind of release. They are sort of like rolfing your quadriceps tendon with a block. When successful they release both the quadriceps and psoas bringing new length and elasticity to the hamstring.

Yesterdays release encompasses the upper body which is why I think these three poses work so well together.

  • 2 sets of Block Lunges (90 seconds each side.
  • 10 minutes in Cactus
  • 30 minutes in Constructive Rest Position

Give this a try, especially if you have back, hip or groin pain. Release work has a lot to offer everybody but especially those who are in pain and finding it hard to settle the body. These three shapes taken together should give you a pleasant sense of calm if nothing else.


Neck and neck.
Gravitational Release: Cactus On the Back