psoas release partyThe psoas major muscle is the most important muscle no one has heard of. The psoas is responsible for holding us upright, walking us through life, and maybe most importantly, it is the warehouse for the body’s unprocessed energy.

When the body experiences trauma of any kind, the nervous system is meant to deal with whatever happens and keep the body on an even keel. If the body can’t handle an individual event it will hold onto that energy which can have a profound effect.

Psoas pain relief can be found in release work— a gentle non-invasive approach for finding freedom from pain and trauma.

If you suffer from lower back pain, hip pain, groin pain, pain when walking, pain when sitting, or pain when sleeping—it is almost a guarantee that the psoas muscle will be involved.

When I started the CoreWalking Program almost ten years ago I barely had an inkling about how powerful the psoas muscle was. Following a series of knee injuries that led to three knee surgeries, I took a step back to try and understand how I was using my body in a way that consistently lead to pain and injury.
Among the many revelations that followed—including the big one that no one actually teaches anyone topsoas release party! walk— I discovered the psoas, the body’s most important muscle.

The CoreWalking Program and the Psoas Release Party! were born around the same time, as it was quickly apparent that a tight psoas could limit healthy movement patterns. In an attempt to help people find better access to their new walk; releasing the psoas was a natural fit as a psoas pain treatment.

Learn To Let It Go

As I introduced release exercises and client after client began reporting psoas pain relief as well as an easing of all sorts of other pain, both acute and chronic, many of my beliefs in movement patterns and the ability to access healing by changing the way we exercise, walk, and stand were borne out.

Discovering release work for psoas pain treatment was a revelation because as a yoga teacher first starting out I believed that stretching and strengthening was the answer to everything (I still think it is pretty important). But it quickly became apparent that not only did stretching fail to help people with many of their pain issues, it often reinforced negative patterns that usually need changing.

Releasing the psoas muscle can bring profound changes to the way you feel and move, creating space in the body that can alleviate pain, but also facilitate real change to our posture and movement patterns that is so essential to healing.

constructive rest

Many people find psoas pain relief as well as increased range of motion in the hips, lower back, and even in some of the farther reaches like the feet, knees, shoulders, and neck. The most consistent experience that you might have from a full slate of release exercises is a deeper and fuller night’s sleep.
And getting better quality sleep is something that shouldn’t be dismissed.

I have been teaching Psoas Release Party! workshops for ten years and I never fail to be amazed by the healing power of releasing muscle tension in the deep core of the body.

And in the year since filming and releasing the video set online and on DVD we have received one testimonial after another about the amazing benefits of Psoas Release Party!