An American Ninja: Kacy Catanzaro

It’s possible that I am the worst parent in the world as the last two weeks has seen a marathon of Jackie Chan movies parading before my children’s eyes. At six and eight my kids might to be too young but these are the choices we make endlessly in an attempt to create happy healthy children.

We also watched the video above of Kacy Catanzaro on American Ninja. To say it blew me away is an understatement.

“She’s my hero. She’s awesome!” My daughter Ida screamed.

“She’s my hero too.” My son purred in an odd tone.

I am endlessly in awe of the physical body. For whatever reason I don’t feel compelled to work out in such a way but I am blown away by those who do. It is beyond inspiring.

I have never lifted a weight in my life and I haven’t worked out really hard in a long time. Of late I have been thinking of combining the two and finding a personal trainer. I have written before about my lack of lats (latissimus dorsi) and watching Kacy Catanzaro do what she does might be thing to get me going. But maybe not.

I’m not sure what part of the course that Kacy Catanzaro nailed impressed me the most as it was all pretty jaw dropping.

At 5’ 10” and 100 lbs. she is the first woman to complete this type of event and she makes it look easy. After watching the Kacy Catanzaro video repeatedly we went deeper into the American Ninja catalogue on YouTube. Kacy’s performance becomes all the more impressive when you see others attempting the same things with much more stress.

She performs feats of upper body strength that are simply incredible and my daughter has been climbing poles ever since she saw the video. As well as battling her brother with a sword and shield (they are at camp Half Blood for the week, learning the ways of battle and mythology).

Super impressive and super inspiring. Kacy Catanzaro has made our week much more fun.