Knowing how the body works makes healing, aging & exercise easier.

Most people are expert is something in their lives.

Why not become an expert on anatomy and use that knowledge to live a fuller life and age more successfully?

It is never too late to learn and learning keeps us young.

Understanding the body in three pieces:


There are 206 bones in the body. 

The job of the bones is to hold you upright.


There are 650 muscles (give or take) in the body. 

Muscles are employed to move bones.


There are more nerves in our body than we know.

Nerves tell the muscles to move the bones.

Below are the most important articles I've published, to help you get started on the journey to knowing your self better.

"Know thyself? If I knew myself, I'd run away!"  - Johann Wolfgang Goethe

CoreWalking Program: Pain Relief One Simple Step at a Time

It isn't all that hard to make changes to the way you walk and experience less pain, greater mobility, and better energy.

Walking is the best way to bring permanent change to the body because we all do it, and we do it over and over again...


Everyone should know how the body works. 

There is a design.

Here is a very basic description:

The bones hold you up, the muscles move you, and the nerves tell the muscles to move the bones.

Simple enough? I really do think this says it all but let’s go a little deeper.

If the bones aren’t well aligned the muscles have to help the bones hold you up which means they can’t move the bones as well.

The nerves depend on good skeletal alignment to be able to flow most freely throughout the body.

If the bones are misaligned, the muscles have to help to hold you up and the nerves are compromised in their ability to arrive at their destination.

So, in the search for pain relief and clues to aging gracefully, we want to align the bones so the muscles are free to move the body and the nerves have the greatest passageway for the successful flow of energy.


Do you know much about your feet? 

Did you know that 25 percent of the body’s bones are in the feet?

How about the fact that there is a distinct inner foot and outer foot? And one of the two is meant to bear weight and the other help with propulsion?

This isn’t a test, but if it were and you knew the answers to any of the questions above,  you would have information that could be used with every step you take.

And even the most sedentary person is likely taking 3 or 4 thousand steps a day.

If they were informed steps, healing and aging get so so so much easier.

Learning the body’s anatomy, design and function isn’t all that hard and the payoff can be healing and feeling well for years to come.

I decided early on that my mission to help people with pain issues would include an education in basic anatomy.

If you know how the body is meant to work, it is much more likely that you will use it correctly.

I came across the BodyMind webinar while recovering from back surgery and because walking was the only activity I was allowed to do, I signed on & was immediately smitten with Jonathan style of presentation, open-mindedness, and diagrams of anatomy .

Marty Lyman

My initial introduction to Jonathan’s work came during a web search because  of trouble with sciatica pain in my left lower leg. After a year of working with Jonathan through CoreWalking and the MindBody program, I am without pain...  I appreciated Jonathan’s unique ability to make all the brilliant information “user friendly”. 

Gena Rotas

With his creative, articulate voice and vision, Jonathan helped me refine the way I hold my body to relieve years of low-grade chronic pain. His work with posture re-patterning is both utterly revolutionary and logically accessible. Jonathan's work will shift how you see, how you stand, and how you speak in your own work and teaching.

Elena Brower

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