Anniversary Giveaway

Tomorrow we will be giving away a number of gifts to the readers of the blog to show our appreciation for the encouragement and support I have received over the last year as the blog has gotten on its feet.

Here is what is up for grabs:

Five Core Walking DVD’s– this DVD is my walking program broken into five lessons containing twenty four essential exercises and twenty six fact filled anatomy lessons.

Learning a new way to walk and learning about your body can change your life forever.

Five of each of my books:

Psoas Release Party!-Your psoas muscle is the main hip flexor of the body and the main engine of walking. It is essentially responsible for holding us upright while standing. Issues with the psoas can lead to any number of problems throughout your body-both physical and emotional. Lower back pain and other joint discomfort as well as disturbances to the nervous system can be linked to the psoas. You will learn about the Psoas and its core function within the body as well as how to release the psoas muscle for immediate relief from chronic pain.

Sciatica Piriformis Syndrome– Sciatica (a pain in the back) and piriformis syndrome (a pain in the butt) are two of the most common causes of chronic pain.  An untold number of people suffer each day from dull aches or shooting pains all the way down to the heel that eventually lead to numbness in the foot. Diagnoses of these two conditions are often confused, leading to further discomfort and longer periods of pain. Getting to know and understand your body and its pains is an alternative to yet another trip to the doctor or the physical therapist’s office. Learn to help yourself to alleviate pain and heal permanently.

The Spine- An Introduction to the Central Channel-The solidity and tone of the spine determines our health and well-being across body, mind and spirit.. In an easy accessible way The Spine looks at anatomy, some common spinal/postural issues and how to help them. More specifically we’ll talk about the spinal curves and vertebrae, what happened when we went from four legs to two legs, the relationship between the spine and the pelvis as well as the spine and the extremities, and much more. With this information and accompanying exercises we aim to help you improve the quality of your spine and thus your life!

The Exercises of the FitzGordon Method-This book is a basic collection of exercises that we offer to clients of the FitzGordon Method Core Walking Program. Anyone who walks in our door will receive a series of exercises meant to create a workout tailored for them specifically. We all need to work on different parts of their body to create a balanced whole and no two people are the same. At the FitzGordon Method we analyze our clients to help them rebuild their bodies in a conscious and specific way. While we work with all of these exercises and more, the idea is to only do the exercises you need to bring balance to a certain part of your body. You should test your ability in all of these exercises and, as long as you are doing them correctly, focus only on the ones that seem more difficult.

Tomorrow we will put up a post that will tell you how you can win these free gifts. Stay tuned.

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