Are You Superhuman?

superhumanLife comes full circle in weird ways. I have long been a fan of a movie called Twisted Lives of Contortionists. It kind of blew my mind when I first saw it many years ago and I have recommended it to many people since.

On a more current note I am embarrassed to admit how much I like watching TV with my kids. At night when my wife goes to work we curl up on the couch together to watch movies or shows. Last night we finished watching the third season of Arrow which I will happily admit to loving.

Tonight we needed a new show and went back to something I noticed on Netflix a while back—Stan Lee’s Superhuman’s (notice the superhero theme?)

Well it turns out the main contortionist in Twisted Lives of Contortionists is the host of Stan Lee’s Superhumans and he is on a quest to find—you guessed it—real-life superheroes.

And find them he did. There was a human electrical conductor who powered a blender with one wire on his tongue and another on his head; also the human calculator; and others as well. But for the context of the blog we find in the video above* the world’s strongest man.

He is capable of ridiculous feats of strength that you can see above. He is average height and size but what he can do is incredible to watch.

What’s interesting to me is that truth is relative as are our limitations. The strongest man dude didn’t work to find his talent; he just tapped into his ability to use more muscle fibers/strength than other people.

Is he an anomaly or is that type of strength available to us all and we don’t know how to tap into it?

*It isn’t the best quality video but the show is on Netflix.