Sensitivity and Awareness: Everyone Feels Differently

awarenessMy wife would be happy to tell you how insensitive I am emotionally. And even though I am a yoga teacher I will admit to being less than totally aware of what goes on within my body. It has been a long journey to find a small amount of awareness.

But take perception outside of the body and I excel. My eye is what butters my bread.

There is a story that I tell about the beginning of my yoga journey and I am not sure if I have shared it on the blog yet. Soon after finishing our first teacher training my wife-to-be and I went to a week-long advanced training with a very prominent teacher.

At the end of the week, with some time to spare, we sat around and the teacher told us to move our sit bones a quarter of an inch and then move something else to feel the magic. And from the sound of the oohs and ahhs around us there was clearly some magic to be felt.

Not by me alas as I turned to my future bride and a said “they’re all full of it.” Suffice to say that I said it with the appropriate degree of righteousness.

Fast forward a few years and I was in some random pose and felt something in a way that turned the light bulb of humility on above my head.

So maybe those ooher,’s and ahhers weren’t talking out of their sphincters.

When I go to my chiropractor (who I worship) I don’t feel what she is doing on a subtle level while I have friends and clients that can elucidate the feeling they have in each and every bone.

The point of this post is to offer an incentive to patience. Awareness comes with perseverance. Yours might not be as profound as someone with natural sensitivity but tapping into and feeling subtle clues about your body is possible and well worth the effort.


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