I found relief from pain— after three surgeries, repeated rounds of physical therapy and endless doctor’s appointments— by making a “single” change in my daily routine.

Even though I thought I would never get back to my old self again.

If you’re interested, I have a free mini-course that will show you that you can heal by doing less rather than more. Once you learn how to make simple changes to the way you move the benefits follow quickly.

Inside this mini-course I’ll guide you to:

• A deeper understanding of your pain issues.

• A new way to see yourself and others.

• Chang your habits for the better no matter how old you are.

-Jonathan FitzGordon

Creator CoreWalking Program

If you are someone who has been suffering for years and no one has helped you, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by what you find in this course, and by how easy it can me to make simple changes in your daily routine and find profound relief.

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