Back On The Bosu

If you watch the video above you will learn about the untimely death of my last Bosu Balance Trainer. We are not exactly sure what happened. I blame my children and my wife blames the cats. Either way I have been Boss-less for the last couple of years and I finally bought myself a new one.

It is one of my favorite tools for exercise and even though it has many uses I limit myself to a favorite few. I almost exclusively use it for balancing and Squatting With Eccentric and Concentric Contractions.

On the ball side I stand on one foot trying to keep my body well aligned. My new Bosu showed up about a month ago and I am just now returning to the rock solid form I had before the last ones passing.  With inner thighs as my perennial nemesis, the first few days back on board left them incredibly sore. It is amazing to me how easy it is not to use essential muscles even when you are aware of their need for use.

This video is a relative copy of one I made about Me And My Bosu: Bosu Squats. I wanted to see what the difference would be in terms of form and alignment. I think the essential differences are that my form is much better and my belly is slightly bigger.

I’ve done a lot of work bringing my right side into the game and I am really happy watching how my knees track in the new video. There’s not a lot to complain about.

At fifty-two I spend way too much time thinking about seventy-two, and Ageing Gracefully. With my father as my model I am well ahead of the curve. He had a massive stroke at fifty-one, that he ostensibly recovered from, though it was sort of downhill from that time forward. His big physical decline happened at seventy-five and lasted until his death at eighty-four.

I am much better shape than him in every way possible and yet I worry about where I am heading.

Lotus on a Bosu Ball
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