Be Your Own Healer: Cate Stillman

Cate-StillmanThree more days of the Be Your Own Healer Telesummit! Today, day 13, I interview Cate Stillman, the founder of Yogahealer.

Cate Stillman has a worldwide vision for healthier communities and healthier ecosystems.

As a thought leader, yoga teacher and entrepreneur, Cate provides a variety of offerings for anyone willing to go on a healing journey. She shares her deep commitment to her own practice and how that provides the foundation from which she can offer help. I appreciated hearing her perspective on business practices including firing clients and valuing her work so that those she works with value themselves.

It was great to talk to Cate and to hear her passionate belief in our connectedness and our ability to heal.

To listen to the interview with Cate Stillman, click the link Be Your Own Healer.