Be Your Own Healer: Kate Hanley

kate hanleyOn day 6t of the Be Your Own Healer telesummity Kate Hanley is here to tell you that she believes to do lists are for suckers. 

Kate is a writer and the founder of Ms. Mindbody, a business dedicated to helping people heal through simple mind body practices that are easily incorporated into even the busiest lives. We talked about pain as a motivator, resistance to change and the way both show you what you need to heal. Kate’s new book, The 28 Days Lighter Diet came out this year and is yet another way she shares her work with the world.

I’ve known Kate Hanley a long time and I’m happy to introduce her work to you.

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AND, if the things Kate and I discuss resonate with you and there’s some situation you’d like a little more clarity on, Kate is offering free sample sessions to Be Your Own Healer listeners. She keeps a couple slots each week open for these hour-long conversations that are all support and no strings.

For more information on Kate visit her website

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