Be Your Own Healer: Vanessa Scotto

vanessa scottoIt is day 11 of the Be Your Own Healer telesummit so we are heading into the home stretch. Today I interview my old friend Vanessa Scotto who has a wonderful way of sharing an endless supply of concise down to earth information.

Vanessa Scotto’s 10 second truth: Life’s short. Play big.

It was such a pleasure to speak with Vanessa about the experience of working in a helping profession and facilitating change for people in pain. Curiosity, empathy and the ability to see what’s possible for our clients are key ingredients to supporting healing. Not only for our clients but for ourselves.

Vanessa was one of my earliest CoreWalking clients and we connect on many levels. While we both recognize the importance of enlisting help from teachers, healers, guides, we also know that the answers truly do lie within.

To listen to the interview, click the following  link Be Your Own Healer.

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