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live yoga classes onlineI have been teaching yoga classes online for a couple of months now and I am incredibly pleased with how they have been turning out.

My family moved from Brooklyn to Cleveland in August and in response to students asking me how to keep working with them we decided to give teaching online a shot. And these classes come with a twist—they are live and I can see all of the students on a screen in front of me. Which is incredibly cool.

In addition to the classes happening live they are all recorded and stored in an archive for students to watch any time at their own convenience.

And with the exception of one class so far, I have had someone on the room practicing with me (most often my wonderful wife Caitlin) so that the people watching can see the poses as they unfold.

The classes—which are 1 hour long— are similar to my public classes in that they are designed for all levels with advanced options thrown in for those who are interested. You can download a free class to check one out below.

We have received some great testimonials about the classes, including one from Zoe Feldman that provided me with our new tag line: “Get the community without the commute.” There is definitely something great about being able to practice in the privacy of your own home and get real time feedback. More than one student has said that they forget that they are alone in their room as the class progresses.

Right now the live classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1 EST and we are getting ready to add a Saturday morning class to the mix (starting in December). My classes are a mix of alignment, core and fun with a healthy dose of preparation for aging gracefully. I hope you check out the free download so you too can get the community without the commute.

Membership for the classes costs $20 a month ($15 with this special introductory offer) and you get the first two weeks free when you sign up. Each month you get a minimum of 8 classes; And we are about to add a third weekly class bring the minimum number of new classes each month to 12.



In general, I truly enjoy practicing in community and was ambivalent about trying classes online. But after studying with him for almost two years, I was truly missing his amazing cueing, thoughtful class flow and challenging body strengthening approach to yoga. I was pleasantly surprised that I could enjoy the privacy of my home with the live feedback from Jonathan and an awareness that other people were practicing with me (I could hear his personal corrections to them). I felt as though I was practicing in community but without a commute and in the comfort of my home. Jonathan is a truly unique teacher with an incredible approach to building a healthy body. He instructs with acute attention to posture, alignment and proper muscle engagement. You won’t find anyone else like him! He’s also playful and honest; creating a sense of lightness about the practice.

Zoe Feldman

Brooklyn Mom, Pilates Instructor, Dancer, Yogi


I used to practice with Jonathan at one of the studios he taught at in Brooklyn. After he moved I had a hard time finding another teacher who balanced anatomy, yoga philosophy, physical therapy, strength training, and constructive rest as naturally and efficient as Jonathan.

When I found out that Jonathan was offering an online class I was intrigued but a bit reluctant about what it would be like to practice at home in front of the computer and/or phone. After the first class I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was and especially about how much it felt like being in one of his classes in person. Because there are other people online that Jonathan is also interacting with, it feels very organic and natural. It also helps to motivate as I can sense the other people in class working with me!

The classes are fun, challenging, and informative – I’m thankful to Jonathan for offering a way to take his classes from afar and I look forward to taking more.

Walter Matteson


I have been in Jonathan’s live yoga classes super consistently for over a year. I just signed up for his live online yoga classes and since we started a few weeks ago, honestly the online classes have felt as natural as the live classes, which are awesome. I’ve even forgotten at times that I am sitting in my room doing yoga. If you are considering the value of the online classes I would just sign up. I have certainly learned a lot from Jonathan and I imagine someone else would as well.

Brett Crudgington



Jonathan is a refreshingly wry teacher whose classes are both precise and exploratory. His bottomless curiosity about the human form is infectious. I always learn new ways to engage my body, and I typically enjoy surprising soreness a day or so later. I’ve watched countless students transform their practice under his guidance, and regularly recommend his classes for anyone looking to strengthen and balance their body using an intelligent and light-hearted approach.

E​mily Kramer

Director of Third Root Community Health Center


Jonathan FitzGordon turned my yoga life around. I had a lot of lingering injuries for many years and most vinyasa classes were just too fast and the fast pace reinforced my unhealthy patterns of movement. Often I came away with pains and injuries from the class. The vinyasa style didn’t give me room to explore, investigate, and correct those patterns. Jonathan was instrumental in guiding me through my understanding of these injuries and giving me the vocabulary of movement and an experiential understanding of my body’s anatomy and its tendencies. Through Jonathan’s classes, I’ve been able to heal my injuries and change my pattern of movement so I don’t keep re-injuring myself.

Rhonda Keyser

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