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The BodyMind: A Vibrant Online Community Focused On Learning,
Healing & Aging Gracefully

The BodyMind is a place to join others who are committed to their practice, to a passion for movement, to community.

Through a combination of encouragement, accountability and community support, you’ll get your questions answered about injuries, sequencing, anatomy, business practices, challenging clients, and many more areas of teaching and leadership.

The BodyMind is a mentoring community for people looking to age well and heal successfully in a technological world that conspires against us: Screens, chairs, beds, shoes and more make living and aging in a healthful way harder. The BodyMind is here to provide insight and guidance for navigating the world with healthy bodies and minds.

Learn deep and lasting lessons from a combination of live lectures, workshops and yoga classes

Jonathan FitzGordon

Creator of  CoreWalking

About the ​Moderator

Jonathan FitzGordon is the creator of the CoreWalking Program and the Psoas Release Party! and has been helping people with pain solutions for over fifteen years.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Good Morning America and VOGUE magazine among others.

With The BodyMind You Get The Community Without The Commute

Why This? Why Now?

When I finished my first yoga teacher training in 1999, I turned to my soon to be wife and said, “Well, that was a start. What do we do next?”

Almost seventeen years later I am still searching for the what’s next… forever learning, seeking, reading, studying and sharing.

I believe in community and accountability and I know that there is no better way to grow as a teacher. I want to offer my years of experience helping people find relief from chronic pain with CoreWalking, yoga and  the study of anatomy and the body, and share it with like-mind individuals.

My personal aha! moment came when I was back on my yoga mat after a 3rd knee surgery and a teacher asked me the question that would change my life forever: "What are you doing to prevent a fourth surgery?" After picking my jaw up off the floor and saying "nothing", everything about the way I approached my body and teaching changed forever.

Growing from the experience of teaching teacher trainings and countless workshops I knew that I wanted to find a way to help people with pain issues who are simply looking to expand their understanding of the body and mind; and mentor movement professionals as they navigate their way into and through the world of pain relief and healing.

The BodyMind: A Space For Pain Relief, Healing & Aging Gracefully including access to:

What if you had...?

A forum for learning about the body, healing and aging in a simple down to earth community.

A place for healing through simple changes to your daily routine.

A space for people in pain and people who help others out of pain to gather for mentoring, education and peer accountability.

A dynamic collective where you will experience a superior level of feedback – allowing you to resolve pain issues and/or grow as a teacher and movement professional.

Deepening your awareness of your own movement patterns while enhancing your ability to facilitate your clients' progress.

Encouragement, accountability, and community support--to get your questions answered about injuries, anatomy, pain relief, and many more areas of healing and aging gracefully.

Here it is: The BodyMind

Navigating our way towards old age isn't easy even if we don't struggle with the natural degeneration of time and the accidents and injuries that are likely to occur.

With The BodyMind, you will learn techniques for changing your posture and movement patterns for pain relief and aging gracefully. You will learn all about the body, how it works, how it ages and most importantly--how it heals.

The BodyMind breaks down complex concepts and presents them in clear, easy to understand lessons that you can apply to yourself, your students and/or your clients.

What You Get

  • 1 Monthly Anatomy Workshop
  • 1 Monthly Therapeutics Workshop
  • 2 Live Yoga Classes Each Week 
  • Special Guest Teachers
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Email and Phone Support

And we have two great bonuses to go along with joining The BodyMind today!

An Online Private W/ Jonathan

If you suffer from chronic pain, or you help others out of pain or if you are a someone who just wants to learn more about their body, a private with me will give you essential insights into how you walk and stand and open your mind to new possibilities for living the active life of your dreams and most importantly, aging gracefully.

I have a unique perspective on the body that I can’t wait to share with you.

CoreWalking: The Posture Lesson

In CoreWalking: The Posture Lesson I work with my friend Nehemoyia (Neemo) Young, a dancer with a great awareness of her body and patterns and her input really takes this lesson to the next level.

The Posture Lesson is a bird's eye view of a one hour private lesson where Neemo and I go deep into all things posture and you are sure to have you eyes open to new movement possibilities.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution


I came across the BodyMind webinar while recovering from back surgery and because walking was the only activity I was allowed to do, I signed on and was immediately smitten with Jonathan FitzGordon’s style of presentation, open-mindedness to both anecdotal and scientific data, diagrams of anatomy not usually found in anatomy books, or Yoga books, both current and past. I have included into my yoga therapy routine exercises presented in these webinars workshops and have participated in the yoga classes offered, mostly for Jonathan’s sharp critique to keep me from overextending myself during my recovery.

Marty Lyman

With his creative, articulate voice and vision, Jonathan helped me refine the way I hold my body in the most daily environments to relieve years of low-grade chronic pain. His work with posture re-patterning is both utterly revolutionary and logically accessible. For teachers and healers, Jonathan's work will shift how you see, how you stand, and how you speak in your own work and teaching.

Elena Brower

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A private with Jonathan

Access to CoreWalking: The Posture Lesson.

Live Yoga Classes each week

Anatomy Lessons

Therapeutic Workshops

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


The BodyMind: Anatomy

Dive deep into the heart of the body’s amazing anatomical puzzle as Jonathan takes you on a journey into yourself.

The more you know about your body and its inner workings the more likely you will be able to heal effectively and help others to heal as well.

Each month focuses on a different area of the body.

The BodyMind: Therapeutics

Mixing anatomy, personal attention and exercise you will learn exactly why we get injured and discover essential techniques and poses that will expedite your healing.

If you are looking to heal yourself or work with others in pain, these therapeutic workshops are laser focused on different injuries and ailments and provide a specific road map for healing.

The BodyMind: Yoga

Find the community without the commute and get personal attention from Jonathan as you practice in the comfort of your home.

Practice live on video and Jonathan will guide you through your practice with clear concise instructions sure to take your practice to the next level.

The classes are for all levels though more advanced options are almost always provided.

Here's what some of our
BodyMind members have experienced: 

Thanks to the BodyMind program and Jonathan for sharing his vast knowledge of anatomy..."

“The BodyMind's anatomy and therapeutics workshops have enabled me to guide my yoga students into poses without throwing their entire body out of alignment all the while modifying appropriately for injuries they might be suffering from. Exploring other forms of bodywork in the BodyMind has also led me to incorporate exercises that are not specific to yoga into my classes to build a stronger muscular foundation for my students. Thanks to the BodyMind program and Jonathan sharing his vast knowledge of anatomy, movement, therapeutics and yoga, I feel that I am able to better serve all of my yoga students, be they accomplished yogis, people looking for relief from chronic pain, or novices looking to begin an exercise plan."

Alexandre Mabilon

After a year of working with Jonathan through CoreWalking and the MindBody program, I am without pain..."

“​My initial introduction to Jonathan’s work came during a web search because  of trouble with sciatica pain in my left lower leg. The doctors had recommended steroid shots and possibly surgery!  Both options were not even up for discussion.  CoreWalking promised relief and I was willing to listen to more. I was intrigued as I listened to his explanation of how efficiently  the body will work  when all the parts are  properly aligned.  After a year of working with Jonathan through CoreWalking and the MindBody program, I am without pain, more aware of my walking posture and engaged in his live yoga classes as often as possible. Following the MindBody webinars over the past year has given me extensive  information and valuable insight as to how the body functions.  I appreciated  the special guests and Jonathan’s unique ability to make all the brilliant information “user friendly”.

I continue to participate with the on line live yoga classes and am finding Jonathan’s coaching and teaching supportive, encouraging and easy to follow."

Gena Rotas

Upcoming On The BodyMind

  • March 12th       The Nature Of Posture
  • March 26th       Psoas Release Party
  • April 9th           Guest Speaker:  Allison Linamen: On Feldenkrais

  • April 16th         What’s In The Bowl Of The Pelvis
  • May 7th            Guest Speaker: Sarah Bell: The Voice Of Yoga
  • May 14th         The Core
  • May 21th          Therapeutics for the Shoulder
  • June 11th          The Leg
  • June 17th          Knee Therapeutics

What Makes the BodyMind Special?

It might seem overly simple to imagine that learning about how your body works can be life changing. But, when you're feeling lost and hopeless, it's hard to make it through the day and it affects all areas of your life. You do not have to become an expert in anatomy and movement, but understanding your body is the clearest way to finding relief.  The perspective I share is not only about simplicity, but also about autonomy. When you take ownership of your healing, you become your own healer. By focusing on education -- on basic anatomy and optimal alignment, you'll learn how to move without taking your body for granted. 

Aging Gracefully Isn't Easy, But it is Essential. 

I know, you've tried a lot of things and you're tired of them not working. The thing is, I've been there too. The good news is together with a community of like-minded people you can learn how to do the work required with the least amount of struggle. Things that have left you in the dark until now will come into focus. Your questions will be answered. You will receive support without judgement and take control of your healing journey. You don't have to do it alone. 

Pain Relief Is Just Around The Corner

The question is, how done are you with being in pain? What are you willing to do about it? I promise this isn't about working harder and doing more but about working smarter and integrating awareness with a new sense of responsibility for your own care.

What You Get With The BodyMind

  • A online private with Jonathan.
  • Your first month free.
  • Access to CoreWalking: The Posture Lesson
  • An anatomy lesson each month.
  • A therapeutic workshop each month.
  • A minimum of 10 live yoga classes each month.

Also get a growing archive of anatomy lessons, therapeutic workshops, yoga classes and more. 

(Over 100 hours of video already)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't discover a new awareness and understanding, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any chance to get personal instruction?

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​How do I cancel if I am not happy?

What is the level of difficulty in the yoga classes.

P.S. My life's work is to help people find their way out of pain moving towards a lifestyle where you can both do what you please and age gracefully at the same time. It is never too late to begin the pursuit towards a healthy adulthood.
Join me on this exciting journey to the heart of your health and aging process. You'll be glad you did.

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