Where Did Your Butt Go?

butt   butt   butt

We have a major problem in our modern world. Butts, the big gluteus maximus muscle that resides on our backsides, have disappeared from too many of our citizens. The question is where did they go, or, were they never here to begin with.

Have you ever seen a baby with a flat butt? I don’t think so. They don’t tend to have a flat anything being the cute puddles of joy that they are. The truth is in most baby pictures you can see a well-defined butt.

So really, where did our butts go?

Obviously this isn’t an issue for everyone. There are obviously well endowed butts ambling along out there but if you or yours resemble the people in the pictures at the top it might be time for a little investigation about how a new bigger butt might be developed.

The butt, gluteus maximus needs to be big and strong. It should fill in your pants. That is the simplest way to describe it. The space between the belt and the hamstring in your pants should be full to exploding with a supple gluteus maximus.

The gluteus maximus is a terribly important muscle. It is the muscle that stood us up from four legs to two legs pulling, along with the hamstrings, the pelvis up to a new upright position. If you have pets, they don’t have the big bubble of gluteus maximus that we do.

The gluteus maximus is an extensor muscle that also acts on the IT band and helps to adduct (pull out) and externally rotate the leg.

But (t) it isn’t doing or helping with any of these things if it is a withered husk lost in the folds of unfilled dungarees.


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