Change Your Shoes Often

change your shoes oftenYou should change your shoes as often as you can. Growing up I wore one kind of sneaker— Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars—until they wore out and were replaced with another pair. Eventually I moved up to leather Converse and at some point I had to add a pair of work shoes, but the first half of my life was basically limited to a single shoe existence that were worn constantly. I put them on when i woke up in the morning and took them off before I went to sleep. No one ever asked you to leave your shoes at the door in my neighborhood.

Somewhere along the way the Chuck Taylor’s of my childhood became the signature shoe of hipsters everywhere. They are an interesting shoe blissfully free of arch support that I wanted to check out but couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Things began to change in my thirties when I started doing yoga and began spending more and more time barefoot. It took my feet a while to get used their new freedom but over time they became stronger and stronger. At the same time the joy of shoes entered my life. The picture at the top is my current slate, plus another couple.  I walk my dog in the morning in one pair, change to something else for the bulk of my day and often change yet again for an evening walk with my four-legged friend Ollie, who is great company.

Every pair of shoes is different in cut and size (I have two pair of merrell barefoot shoes—both size ten and I need socks for one and not the other) and holds your feet differently. This is particularly good for us as the more you ask your feet to adapt to different surfaces- even if those surfaces are the sole of a shoe- the happier your feet will be.

Be nice to your feet. Pamper them. Coddle them. Love them. Buy them nice shoes and change your shoes often.