Change Your Walk, Change Your Life

change your walk, change your life

If you suffer from chronic pain, or are having trouble healing from recurring injuries, change your walk and more than your walk will change.

The body is designed to be a self-healing machine that maintains itself through correct movement patterns and posture. When we walk as we are intended each step builds core tone and gently twist all of our organs.

The way to walk is an interesting puzzle. You walk, therefore you know how to walk. But no one actually taught you how to walk so you might not know how to walk.

At one year old, give or take a couple of months, you stood up and took a few steps to the cheers of your parents (if they noticed), and after that you were on your own.

On your own probably meant you imitated one or both of your parents who walk like one or both of their parents, none of whom were taught how to walk.

Well, there is a correct way to walk, and you can change your walk pretty easily.

Changing your walk for the better can affect your energy, digestion, balance, muscle tone, and relieve chronic aches and pains that you might never associate with your gait.  .

Not many people stand at a party or on line in a store and think they have terrible posture. Fewer still walk around with an awareness of the way they move. In fact, we have instincts in the brain that make us feel normal no matter how messed up we might me.

People without pain issues can often get away with poor movement patterns and posture but once the pain and injury cycle starts the way you walk can either help or hinder your recovery.


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