Coracoid Gesticulation: It’s a Chain Reaction.

Sketchblog: DayBooks

This post has been a while in the making.  And I’m still rehabbing my shoulder.  Who knew a mugging would stay with me for so long.  The 24 hours in transit, between Montevideo and Brooklyn didn’t really help. I knew it wouldn’t.  If you’ve got an owie sitting in a plane for 9 hours at a stretch is going to make it worse. (I try  hard not to look at the people in first class without loathing — it’s really just envy.  But do they really need to have that much more room?  Those people with the flat beds?)  And airports themselves aren’t exactly rehab centers..

When you feel a gesture in all it’s parts, even without pain, you know you’ve lost fluidity.  And when turning over in bed wakes you up you know you should stay out of yoga class.

An injury doesn’t generally stay still.  It travels along a chain, and sometimes can even change the subject.  An aching shoulder can  be reflected in an aching back.  It’s weird.  Takes a lot of patience. I guess I’m lucky my most injury-prone area is my shoulder.  It’s a lot of fun to draw.

However, I’m looking forward to working with some bones I’m not so compelled to relate to personally.  Okay so what bones might those be?  I’m going to go work my rhomboids now: good support for those shoulders.

Sunday Morning Music: Julian Cope
Pants Down Low