Core Walking Website

Six years ago, while driving in a car with my brother, I announced that I was going to teach people how to walk. I didn’t know much about walking but I knew a lot about yoga and after numerous injuries, and three knee surgeries, I knew a lot about anatomy and alignment. I quickly learned that there is a specific design to the way we are supposed to walk; also realizing that not once in my life did anyone ever tell me that I should walk a certain way. And I walked terribly.

I also had poor posture before I did yoga—along with no muscle tone and other issues, but I digress. I knew from experience that my posture had changed and improved a lot from yoga so there was no reason to think I couldn’t change the way I walk.

The program didn’t start as a vehicle for pain relief. I was just interested in walking and learning. However, it quickly became apparent that many of the chronic aches and pains that people carry around with them day after day were coming from a lifetime of conditioned patterns and compensations for all sorts of scars, both physical and emotional.

Six years later I’d like to think I walk very well and that many others are walking differently, and pain free, as a result of changing some long held movement patterns. Change freaks some people out and changing the way you move at your core is a big deal—but the payoff can be extreme.

That being said, I am thrilled to announce the opening of the Core Walking website ( and membership program. You can now learn to walk in a variety of ways. We have created a two-hour DVD, containing five walking lessons and 50 anatomy lectures and exercises. These lessons are also available online. In addition, you can join our membership program and spend a year with me learning how to change your walk through online videos, webinars, video analysis and tailored workouts, all designed to build a new you. After the requisite burps and glitches, our store is open and email is back to functioning successfully.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this opportunity with a larger community, so please visit our website (, check out some of our testimonials, sample videos and take a look at what we have in the store. If you like what you see please share this with some friends. It is a sad thing to say but we all know someone in pain that is looking for a way out.

Thanks so much for all of your continued support.