CoreWalking For Chronic Headache Relief

CoreWalking testimonial about chronic headache relief Chronic headaches plague a staggering number of people. There are 150 different categories of headaches and an estimated 45 million American suffer from chronic recurring headaches. There is an exhausting list of different types of headaches.

Finding relief from chronic headaches isn’t as easy as quantifying them. There are the traditional routes that most everyone has taken—aspirin, ibuprofen and other analgesics. There are much stronger medications used for chronic headache relief that are only available by prescription. These options though large in number don’t necessarily prevent anyone from getting headaches. They are usually employed once the headache has arrived. There are also a number of preventative medical therapies that are available but that often means taking medication daily which would not appeal to me.

Another less explored, but from my perspective vital, protocol for chronic headache relief is meditation. People get headaches for many different reasons including stress and anxiety. If your headaches stem from issues of this nature I think meditation is an amazing avenue for finding relief.

CoreWalking For Chronic Headache Relief

And then there is walking and posture. Along the path of developing the CoreWalking program there have been more than a few pleasant surprises. Clients finding relief from chronic headaches has honestly been the most surprising.

This only became clear to me after hearing it from numerous clients and customers like Justin in the video above. The first couple of times people mentioned this to me I simply stored it in the back of my mind. The big moment of realization came when someone I worked with who had suffered headaches from childhood in a similar way to Justin found relief from her headaches by eliminating the hyperextension of her knees in both walking and standing. Once she understood this trigger her incentive to stop the negative pattern made changing easier.

To be honest I don’t sell the CoreWalking Program on this basis as headaches are very complicated and happen for all different reasons, but I am thrilled to know that we have had success in this area and when you look at poor posture it is a no brainer to connect tension as well as other types of headaches to an improperly aligned and misused skeleton.


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